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   Goals of the web-project (mark all applicable):

Attract customers
Attract partners
Enter new markets
Brand recognition
Introduce products/services to new audiences/potential clients
Create virtual source of information for clients, partners or  media
Collect marketing information, conduct market research, analyse audience etc.
Customer feedback


   You intend to use the website for(mark all that applies):

- publishing organization mission or "about us"
- servicesorary?publishing organization services
- publishing organization news
- publishing organization blog/articles
- answering FAQ
- publishing testimonials
- quick search in catalogue/on website
- publishing information about vacancies
- conducting opinion polls and surveys
- contacts form (with Google map)
- slide-show
- photo gallery
- publishing catalog
- e-shop with payment and shipping
- placing your own ads focussed on specific products and services (promotion)

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 Yes     No     It is in process

Do you need help in developing, writing and/or editing the content for your web site?

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Will you require any assistance in creating the content of the website, such as:

stock images


How often do you intend to renew and add information on the website?

Do you intend to conduct advertizing or PR campaign in Internet using the website as a principal promotional and informational tool (i.e., advertising through search engines, social media, publishing news and press-releases on other websites etc.):